Tucker Community Spotlight

Tucker Community Spotlight - May 2017

Growler Time Tapas & Taps
Growler Time Tapas & Taps

“I’m here to sell beer, but then also give really good food behind it.”

Those words mark a change in course for Chris Cordero, the owner of Growler Time on Main Street. Cordero, his family and friends gathered on April 13 for a ribbon-cutting as they rebranded to “Growler Time Tapas and Taps in Tucker”. In addition to the wall of taps that loyal customers have grown accustomed to, Cordero will now serve Spanish-style tapas. The menu includes offerings ranging from meats and cheeses to Marcona almonds. It’s a cuisine that is new to diners along Main Street.

For more information on this new downtown dining option, you can visit the website at growlertime.net.

James Jackson
James Jackson

As a parent and former teacher, I feel that we have been fortunate to have Mr. Jackson as our THS principal. In the years I’ve known him, I have witnessed his sincere care for our students and their families. He sets a high bar for all our children and encourages each to challenge his/her self academically, socially and in extracurricular activities. Mr. Jackson is always available to meet with parents to hear concerns and problem-solve solutions. He works to reach families who are difficult to engage due to socioeconomics, language barriers or other issues.

Perhaps Mr. Jackson’s best attribute is the way he leads our students by example. Even during conflict, Mr. Jackson seldom, if ever, raises his voice, instead encouraging respectful dialogue. He tackles problems with thoughtfulness and honesty. He leads without ego, sharing praise with the faculty and students. He quietly and effectively has created a supportive environment where all the students feel that they belong to something bigger than themselves.

Tucker High students are some of the most polite, respectful and involved kids around. This is in part due to Mr. Jackson’s influence. He has helped create a positive future for our City and is leaving behind some mighty big shoes.

Nomination by Jennifer Winterscheidt

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