Tucker Tomorrow Comp Plan Update

Comp Plan July

By now the term “Tucker Tomorrow” has been discussed and debated by City residents, business owners and other stakeholders for the better part of the past year. Last fall, the City contracted the consulting firm The Collaborative to manage the process, empowering them to gather input, hold community meetings and, ultimately, author a draft version of a comprehensive plan; a set of recommendations for Tucker residents and leaders to consider. In June, The Collaborative presented their draft plan to the community.

The process, however, is far from done. In fact, if you were to think of our comprehensive plan process as a two-act play, we’re currently at intermission.

This document, which will guide Tucker’s land use and community development decisions for the next generation and is mandated by state law, is now under review by City Staff and the citizen Steering Committee. Throughout the late summer and into the fall, the document will be presented before the Community Council and the Planning Commission, with each body having the opportunity to gather additional community feedback, as well as provide their own critiques.

The final word in the comprehensive plan process lies with the Mayor and City Council. They will consider the consultant’s recommendations, and balance those with what they’ve heard from constituents, Community Council and Planning Commission before settling on a final version of the comprehensive plan.

Between now and then, Tucker stakeholders are encouraged to go online to www.tuckerga.gov and review the draft plan. Whatever comments you have can be sent in email form to info@tuckertomorrowplan.com or to your representatives on the City Council.

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