City Council Update

Major-Medlin-retiresSeptember’s regular scheduled meeting had a full agenda and started with six items on the consent agenda:
  • Meeting Minutes for the two August meetings and the special called on September 1
  • 2022 GOSP Grant Agreement
  • August Financial report
  • And the second for a text amendment concerning municipal court
The three items listed for Old Business were all second reads with public hearings and were approved by the Mayor and Council with 6-0 votes. These include:
  • Amendment to the Tucker Code Chapter 10 Businesses relating to coin operated amusement devices, promotions, and lotteries
  • Amendment to the Tucker Code Chapter 10 Businesses to provide for the mandatory use of video surveillance systems at convenience stores, and for other purposes
  • Amendment to the Tucker Code Chapter 46 Zoning Ordinance including revising Article 6 to add regulations for pervious pavement systems and revising Article 9 to add a definition for pervious pavement systems

New business included a first read and public hearing for the purpose of amending the Tucker Code Chapter 4 Alcoholic Beverages relating to event permitting for alcoholic beverage catered functions open to the public and other purposes. This was followed by a quick succession of contract approvals and change orders.

The second meeting of the month is typically a work session and an opportunity to hear about upcoming and ongoing plans. This month there was a special called meeting prior to the work session where Mayor and Council approved a contract agreement with Heath and Lineback Engineers for the Tucker-Northlake Trail Design with a 6-0 vote and also a text amendment to the Tucker Code Chapter 4 Alcoholic Beverages discussed at the first meeting of the month. This also was approved with a 6-0 vote.

All City Council meetings are held at City Hall, 1975 Lakeside Parkway, Suite 350B, Tucker, GA 30084.

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