City Council Update

city council update

August saw the City Council prepare to address two significant development projects. The first, a 19-unit residential project on Saren Court, was granted a deferral at the developer’s request. That pushes the first read on the project to October 23, with a second read and vote scheduled for November 13.

city council meeting

The other big project was the proposed development of the old Sears site at the intersection of Hugh Howell Road and Mountain Industrial Boulevard. Council held a first read and public hearing on the 88-acre mixed-use project dubbed “The Rise” on August 14. They also held a work session to hear from developer Stephen Macauley about the project on August 24. On August 30, following hours of public hearings and questions of staff and the applicant, Council voted to deny the requested land use and zoning changes. All parties agreed that if Macauley chooses to proceed with the contract to purchase the property, most of the uses he proposed for “The Rise” are still available, including the school, restaurants, office, arts-tech, small retail and approximately 100 others.The significant uses not allowed under the existing zoning are residential and grocery.

The next City Council meeting will be on September 11 at the City Hall Annex (4228 First Avenue).

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