Goals & Priorities

If the transfer of public works services is approved by voters, the City of Tucker has established key goals and priorities for the Public Works Department.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Public works contracted services will be managed by performance-based measurements, including responsiveness, quality of work and efficiency. 
  • COMMUNICATION: A customer-facing service request tracking system will be established to monitor responsiveness and track projects through completion. 
  • RESPONSE TIMES: Emergency and service request issues will be prioritized and addressed in a timely manner, with some public works issues being resolved within 24 hours.

If the referendum passes, the prioritization of planned repairs, ongoing maintenance and unexpected emergency needs related to public works services would be led and managed by the City of Tucker. The prioritization of projects allows for better alignment of public works services that can enhance our roadways, reduce community disruptions, and address service response times.

  • STORMWATER SERVICES: Upon passage, the City will immediately commence a full-scale field analysis and inventory of the stormwater system. These findings will provide the project priority list based on life and safety criteria and the overall system requirements.
  • ROADS & MAINTENANCE SERVICES: The City has a full inventory of the road and traffic signal locations and conditions and will develop criteria for prioritizing the repair and maintenance of these assets based on the existing data base.
  • PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE: Using the data collected from the stormwater system study and existing data for the road system, the staff will develop a preventative maintenance program, which will be updated and funded annually.

During the annual budget process, the public works staff will review all of the assets and prioritize the projects based on safety criteria.

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