City Council Wrap Up - March 23, 2020

Mayor and City Council 3-23-2020

The major item on the agenda was a public hearing for a text amendment to the City zoning ordinance. The amendment, which passed unanimously, would bring about reform to a number of issues, including use regulations for CBD, vape shops, and car washes. It would also replace the City’s Community Council with a new community input process and expand the City’s Planning Commission from five members to seven members. With the exception of one provision, the proposed changes for trailers, recreational vehicles, commercial machinery, and gravel parking were withdrawn from this text amendment for further study.  The provision that was adopted states that trailers and recreational vehicles must be in good working order, free of trash and debris, and must meet all licensing requirements of the State of Georgia.

Council then voted to approve a slate of recommended changes to the City Charter. The recommendations, presented to Council by the City’s Charter Commission, brought about changes including:

  • increasing the number of Councilmembers required to place an item on a meeting agenda from one to two
  • allowing the Mayor to administer oaths of office, rather than just a judge
  • removing requirement that the City Accountant must be independent
  • changing internal audit standards from quarterly to annually

Council also voted unanimously to approve an annexation petition from the homeowners at 2954 Thornridge Drive. The annexation will become official as of April 1.

Following the meeting, Mayor Auman amended the City’s emergency ordinance to address a handful of issues, including:

  • Instituting limits on price gouging
  • asserting that businesses must abide by CDC guidelines
  • allowing bars and restaurants to sell unopened beverages curbside or takeout, while still complying with state regulations
  • appointing an emergency task force of citizens and business representatives
  • cancelling all board and commission meetings, except for City Council, for the duration of the emergency

The next meeting of the City Council will take place on April 13 at 7 p.m. at the City Hall Annex (4228 First Avenue).

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