Chamblee Tucker Lane Diet FAQ

Q: What is the expected start date for construction?
The Georgia Department of Transportation will start the lane improvement at Lavista Road and Chamblee Tucker Road on Saturday April 23. The lane diet construction project will start about 2 weeks later, approximately May 9.

Q: How long will the whole construction project take to complete?
A: The process is quite in depth as there will be the need for some milling and repaving, painting of lane stripes and the addition of the crosswalks and medians. Weather dependent we plan on a three-to-six-month completion.

Q: How many crosswalks are being added?
A: There will be seven crosswalks added which is more than double what is currently on this stretch of road.

Q: How many medians are being added?
A: In addition to the seven crosswalks there will be 14 medians throughout the road.

Q: Why add medians to a designated turn lane?
A: This is to ensure that the turn lane is used when needed for ingress and egress for side streets and not used as a passing lane.

Q: Why aren’t the bike lanes marked? Isn’t that unsafe?
A: The newly added bike lanes will be marked with a solid white lane line and edgeline rumble strips. There is the option of adding more markings in the future but there are 106 driveways and 24 side streets to consider when painting the bike lanes.

Q: What will the level of impact be during construction?
A: We are trying to mitigate additional traffic during the construction period and will be doing the work at night.

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