City of Tucker Using New Signs as Communication Tool

hearing notice signageYellow is a color traditionally used to get your attention. Whether it’s a stoplight about to turn, a road sign urging you to use caution or just one of those flashy sports cars, yellow is certainly catches the eye.

The City of Tucker is hoping to do just that with their new bright yellow signs being used to promote meetings of the Community Council. Deputy Director of Community Development Courtney Lankford says these signs are an important tool.

“These signs are intended to alert residents that land use petition applications have been submitted on these particular properties,” Lankford explains. “This is an effort to draw more attention to the Community Council process,” Lankford says, adding Community Council “is put in place by the City of Tucker for the purpose of community vetting before a project goes before the Planning Commission, as well as the Mayor and City Council.”

Community Council meets on the second Wednesday of every month, assuming there are new cases to be heard. From a City perspective, Lankford says the hope is that residents will see the yellow signs and start to think more about the potential development happening in their community.

“Hearing from the public is a crucial step in the land use petition process,” she says. “We encourage residents to come out to these meetings and to make their opinions known.”

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