DeKalb Police Share Crime Prevention Tips

TUCKER, Ga. (December 28, 2016) – Maybe having a nosy neighbor isn’t such a bad thing after all.

That was the message Tuesday night at a forum featuring leadership with the DeKalb County Police Department’s Tucker Precinct. Investigators told the crowd that, if they are worried about property crimes like burglaries, they need to become more observant of what is happening in their neighborhood and be willing to report suspicious activity to the police.

“You never know what’s going to prevent a crime. You never know what’s going to solve a crime,” explained Lt. Erik Heimer, the Daywatch Commander for the Tucker Precinct. “The fact that you saw a car in your neighborhood and you got a tag…after your neighbor’s house may have been burglarized or a car may be broken into…there’s a case solved. Not only solving your crime, but preventing future crime.”

Despite a recent string of highly-publicized burglaries around DeKalb County, crime statistics show a significant decrease in burglaries year-over-year. At DeKalb’s Tucker Precinct, burglaries are down 29 percent from the same point in 2015. Across the city of Tucker, those crimes are down 16 percent.

Even better, DeKalb Police report they are solving burglary cases at approximately three times the rate of national law enforcement.

“The best way in my opinion to beat crime is trifold,” Lt. Heimer said. “It’s going to be the government, it’s going to be the community and it’s going to be the police.

“The most important resource we have internally or externally is you. It’s the public.”

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