Tucker Community Spotlight

Tucker Community Spotlight - August 2017


Over the past year-and-a-half, the staff at M572 has built up a loyal following for the upscale culinary offerings on its menu. Now, restaurateur James Maggard is incorporating guest feedback into a newly re-vamped menu at his Main Street eatery.

“[We’re] taking the pulse of the community and actually skewing the menu and the feel of the restaurant more towards the day-in, day-out diner, as opposed to the Friday night cocktail hour,” explains Maggard, who also oversees Local 7.

The new menu keeps some of the old favorites (trout, pot roast, steak frites) and incorporates new, lower-priced sandwich options. M572 held a ribbon cutting on July 19 to celebrate the new menu. 

Anita Stoltzfus
Anita Stoltzfus

“I first met Anita when I was elected as Treasurer for Tucker Civic Association. She was in charge of membership and did the best job of anyone I know keeping up with renewal dates and mailing notices to members. During the two years I served, the membership increased from about 100 to about 150. This was much higher than any other year that I know of.

In addition, Anita has used social media to promote new businesses in the area. She is always positive in her outlook and strives to give start-up businesses a helping hand. I know she feels the pressure of starting out as she is a small business owner herself.”

Nomination by: Earl Ryan

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