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Keller Knapp Real Estate
Keller Knapp Tucker

As the real estate industry has bounced back over the past few years, there’s been a strong resurgence in home values in the City of Tucker. No one’s more aware of that than Weslee Knapp.

“I invest, personally, in areas that are on the way up and Tucker is a rising sun,” he explains.

Knapp is a real estate veteran in Metro Atlanta and when he and his Keller Knapp team decided to open an office on Tucker’s Main Street, they had plenty of reasons to do so.

“You see quality developments in good locations do really well and, as a result, when you look at this location in Tucker, Tucker is viable for the next decade to really prosper,” Knapp says.

The firm, which specializes in both residential and commercial realty, has 100 people on staff, with varying backgrounds and levels of expertise. Knapp says the agents at his Tucker office are well-equipped to handle any questions that come their way, but if they ever need guidance on an issue, help is simply a phone call away.

“We say ‘how can we improve our community? How can we get the right type of investors? How can we get the right type of homebuyers? How can we get people to invest in our community that are going to make this community better?’” Knapp asks. “That’s what we do everyday and we are good at it.”

Keller Knapp Real Estate is located at 2344 Main Street. You can find them online at kellerknapprealty.com.

Barbara Brownlee O'Connor
barbara brownlee oconnor

Nomination written by Noelle Monferdini

“What is Tucker without the heartfelt hello, without the warmness of friendship, without an open welcome to all neighbors near and far to fellowship?

“Tucker is the home of many individuals that shine from within and share this absolute love of our community and the people in it. There is one extraordinary lady that brightly shines with all of these values and more. She is a community champion of sorts, continually building bridges between the noticeable gaps in the fabric of our city. From the moment of introduction, she invites you in and treats you like a dear friend and keeps you as close as family.

“Whether she is hosting one of her many neighborhood community dinners, National Night Out events or a very well-decorated Christmas gathering, her goal is to bring the community together and strengthen our relationships to build a long-lasting bond. There is never a time that is too late, too long or too difficult for her utmost attention as she continually goes above and beyond to help out in any way she can. It is my honor and privilege to know her and call her a friend.

“May I introduce our Citizen Spotlight, Mrs. Barbara Brownlee O’Connor.”

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