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Tucker is a lot of things. A beachfront community is not one of them. In fact, you would have to gas up the car and drive about four hours if you wanted to reach the ocean.

So, it’s ironic that one of the biggest employers in the City of Tucker is also the premiere distributor of seafood in the southeastern United States.

The headquarters of Inland Seafood is located on Montreal Circle, barely visible from I-285. Inside, around 600 workers prepare and package premium fish, lobster and other high-end food products for delivery to supermarkets and restaurants across the country. Inland President Chris Rosenberger says the company, which was founded in 1977, is right at home in Tucker.


“Inland is proud of the participation we have always had in the communities we serve,” Rosenberger explains. “We are only as good  as the people in our buildings and we are proud to have built our business with the locals we have been serving in Tucker for so many years.”

From a City perspective, having a company as successful as Inland right in your backyard is a huge asset.

“While they may not be a household name among consumers, other companies that are looking to relocate within Metro Atlanta are impressed that Tucker is home to an industry leader like Inland Seafood,” says Tucker’s Economic Development Director John McHenry. “This company is focused on community engagement, sustainability and has really gone the extra mile to do business the right way. We work closely on ensuring that they continue to grow and thrive here. Their win is a City of Tucker win.”

Next time you head to the supermarket to buy seafood, read the fine print: that exotic fish you’re buying may have been packaged right here in Tucker, Georgia.

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