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Main Street Theatre, Tucker Parks & Rec Enjoying a Beautiful Friendship


Since its inception in 2014, Main Street Theatre has brought a mix of music, drama and comedy to Tucker’s already colorful arts scene. But even with gifted actors, experienced directors and entertaining scripts, any theatre troupe would find it difficult to succeed without a place to call home.

With no actual place to set up on Main Street, one of the first things Main Street Theatre did when they got started four years ago was to reach out to leadership at Tucker Recreation Center. Since that time, they’ve performed for sold out crowds in a space they’ve been able to make their own.

“Tucker has many things, but an abundance of stages is not one of them,” said Main Street Theatre founder Sabrina Chambers. “We approached the Tucker Rec Center back in 2015 knowing that we didn’t have any other options or much money. Their initial partnership and continued partnership through the City transition has been one that the theatre could not survive without.”

Chambers isn’t the only one who thinks the relationship between the Main Street Theatre and the City of Tucker is a good one.

“This is one of the greatest community partnerships I’ve ever seen,” says Tucker Recreation Center Manager Tom McDermott.

McDermott, a veteran in Parks and Recreation and city event coordination, points to the improvements the two sides have collaborated on to make the Recreation Center feel more like an actual performing space. Chambers says one of the biggest projects was giving the actors an entrance to come from offstage.

“We blew a hole in the wall from the stage to the former unused bathroom that was behind the stage,” Chambers recalls. “This was a huge project that required contractors and engineers, as well as a close relationship with Tucker Rec. While the audience may not see the change, it allowed for us to have a backstage and a stage entrance that didn’t require us to go through the auditorium side doors.”

More recently, Main Street Theatre installed new shades in the performing space to block out ambient light, thus enriching the theatergoing experience. Just last month, they covered most of the cost of installing new electrical circuitry that will provide more flexibility when it comes to lighting for future performances.

“This particular improvement won’t be evident to the audience,” explains Main Street Theatre Technical Manager Randy Davison, “but for the crew, it saves us about two days’ worth of work hanging lights and running extension cords.”

The next big production will be Sanders Family Christmas, a musical debuting November 30 at the Recreation Center. Before that, the troupe will be busy with an offsite production entitled Escapade. The interactive theater event will take place at various locations on Main Street on October 13 and 20. Tickets for all productions are available at

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