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Here in Tucker, we are blessed to have a great city staff. The professionals who work at City Hall, the City Hall Annex and Tucker Recreation Center routinely go above and beyond to make our city a better place to live. Oftentimes you don’t see or notice the work they do. Other times you see it, but don’t even realize that they’re the ones responsible.

Our Code Enforcement team falls into that second category.

I’m not sure if you remember, but before we incorporated as a city we had some of the same problems that other unincorporated areas suffer from: overgrown yards, yard signs planted in every right-of-way, apartment communities decimated by blight. As business owners or families considered relocating to Tucker, it was tough for them to overlook these problems that were so visible. It was one of the driving reasons we became a city. While we’ll always have some issues around, our City Code Enforcement has made a real difference in all those areas.

Last month, we had an issue in the Smoke Rise community where there was an illegal Airbnb rental. Although the rental was in violation of our city code, the problem wasn’t so much the rental as the people who were actually renting. Sparing the details, I’ll tell you these people were a nuisance to the neighbors and, ultimately, to the property owner. Our Code Enforcement officers worked quickly and proactively with the homeowner to shut down the Airbnb, evict the renters and get the police involved. I can confidently say we won’t be seeing them in Tucker anytime soon.

We got such quick action because, while the rental was being hotly discussed and debated on social media, a resident who knew what to do picked up the phone and called Code Enforcement. There’s a process in place…and it works! Maricela Perdomo and her team are here to serve you, so I hope you won’t hesitate to reach out to them when someone’s not playing by the rules.

Code Enforcement complaints can be filed online at, via email at or by phone at (470) 273-3099. Complainants can remain anonymous, if they desire.

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