Team Tucker - Chad Roberts

chad-robertsHow long have you worked in municipal government?
I have worked in municipal government for about 16 years now. That includes time working in law enforcement and municipal court.

What exactly does an Assistant Court Clerk do?
To keep it simple, I basically handle and keep up with all the paperwork (citations, reports, dockets, attorney forms, suspensions, warrants, etc.) for the court. On a day-to-day basis I may be entering citations into the court system, resetting cases, mailing out notices, answering phone calls or chatting with people that walk into the office with questions concerning court related items. I try my best to go above and beyond to help those that call or walk in with all their questions, but I cannot give legal advice in any way. It is important that I maintain relationships with the police department, county courts, county jail, GBI, DDS and other municipal courts in our area just in case I need assistance about court related items or if I need to be of assistance to others in the field.

Are there other responsibilities you’re currently handling for the City?
I am also working with the Code Enforcement Officers and the Finance Department by reaching out to new business owners concerning their new business license or already established businesses concerning their past due license. Another project I’m working on is with the Community Partnership Team to research ways to better assist the DeKalb County Police Department in keeping the City and its citizens safe.

What is your favorite thing about working as part of Team Tucker?
The people and learning about other things within the City other than just court.


How tall are you?

What sports do you like to play?
Well, playing would have to be softball and basketball. However, that no longer happens due to a couple of back surgeries.

What is one thing your co-workers don’t know about you?
I unfortunately wear my heart on my sleeve or some would say I am an open book. Not much hidden here, I am sad to say.

What is your favorite type of food? Why?
That is a tough one. I would eat Chinese several times a week if I could, but to be honest I am not picky.

What brings you joy in life?
Family and quiet time. The older I get the more those things matter.

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