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Kathy HuffordWhat was your path to working for the City of Tucker?
While my previous roles in finance were in the private sector, I’ve served public customers throughout my career. First, at public pension manager INVESCO Capital Management and, following a break to rear young children, I worked for locally founded USATestprep for the past eight years. My experiences working with public purchasing agents helped prepare me to work on this side of public contracts.

What are your responsibilities in the Finance Department?
As Finance Coordinator, I work with all city departments to manage the procurement of goods and services for the City. In addition to managing procurement, I work with the Finance team to ensure timely and accurate communication with local businesses about the business licensing process. We are continually working to improve efficiencies in the application and renewal process for all Tucker businesses.

What is procurement and why is it important to the City?
Procurement is the process of finding and acquiring goods, services or works vital to the mission of the City. As stewards of the City’s assets and resources, the staff and Council follow procedures for competitive procurements to ensure that all contracts for goods and services are in the best interest of the City. To that end, I assist all city departments in finding vendors and acquiring necessary goods and services through competitive quotes, invitations to bid (ITB), requests for qualifications (RFQ) and requests for proposals (RFP).

What do you enjoy most about working for Team Tucker?
As a lifelong resident of DeKalb County, I’ve lived in Tucker for more than 20 years and know first-hand the pride of place shared among the people who live here and the people who do business here. I’m proud to now be part of the team that honors Tucker’s traditions while working to ensure a prosperous future for our city.


What are some of your favorite things to do around Tucker?
I really enjoy walking in Tucker. Whether walking in my neighborhood, along Main Street, or on the track at the high school, I love meeting and greeting the diversity of people who make Tucker truly a city for all.

Have any New Year’s traditions?
I resolved long ago to never make New Year’s resolutions.

What’s the best part about being a mom?
I can’t think of any part that isn’t the best! I’ve enjoyed every stage of rearing my three kids and am making the most of the short time we have them remaining home with us. They are fun and funny. They certainly keep us young.

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