Team Tucker: Ken Miller

Ken-MillerWhat was your background before becoming a Building Inspector?
My father was an electrical engineer and a builder/developer, so I grew up in the construction industry. My mother still has pictures of me, when I was one or two years old, sitting on a subfloor pounding on the floor with a hammer. By the time I was 10 I could shoot grade, run a track loader, backhoe and pan. I have two brothers, Bob and John, and before we were in high school we were cutting and grading roads, laying sewer, water and gas lines, and building houses.

You’re a new resident to Tucker. Where did you come from?
I have two brothers and two sisters, and my wife swears we all came from different planets. As proof, she points to the fact that I do not have a birth certificate. Instead, I have a “Registration of Arrival” from Christ Hospital in Cincinnati. It says that upon arrival I was presented to Eva and Kenneth Miller, who are listed on my registration as “recipients of a male child.”
But I believe you are interested in more recent history. For the last 20 years I have lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida, specifically Fort Myers.

How is building inspection different here in Georgia than it was in Florida?
Due to the frequency and severity of tropical storms and hurricanes in Florida, structures must be constructed to withstand a windspeed of 160 mph in the area where I lived. Nailing of roof and wall sheathing, tie-downs, strapping, windows, doors, roofing all must be inspected. Doors, windows, roofing materials and sheathing must be tested and receive a “Notice of Approval” (NOA) from the State of Florida. The inspector must verify that the installation of these products meets the intent of the code and were installed based on the requirements of the NOA. We don’t have hurricanes in Georgia, although we can feel the impact, so I inspect to insure the structures meet the intent of the Building, Electrical, Mechanical, Gas and Plumbing codes. I want the structures to be sturdy, energy efficient and, most of all, safe.

Why is this job important to you?
Inspections provide an important service to the community. We all work hard for our money and a home is probably the largest investment most of us will make in our lifetime. When the time comes to buy or sell a home, look at the permit and inspection records; I know your insurance company will. A home that was properly permitted and inspected, including all additions and upgrades, is a better investment. The highest level of safety in the world is the result of the adoption and enforcement of the model building codes.

What is the best concert you’ve ever attended?
My interest in music is eclectic. Being on the Green in Boston on the 4th of July and hearing the Boston Pops Orchestra perform the “1812 Overture” with cannons was amazing. Seeing James Taylor and Carol King together in concert, Kenny Rankin in a small club in Cleveland, Ohio, Earth, Wind and Fire at the Barbara B. Mann Performance Center, and Toby Keith in Chicago all bring back great memories. Maybe I’ve yet to attend the best concert.

Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met?
Astronaut/Senator John Glenn

What is your favorite sport?
College Football

Do you have a favorite inspirational quote?
President John F. Kennedy – “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”


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