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Steve Holder


  1. Why do I need a permit to re-side my house?
    Your permit allows the building department to inspect for code compliance. By ensuring your project meets the minimum building code standards of safety, the building inspection can reduce the risk of fire, structural collapse and other issues that might result in costly repairs. Inspections complement the contractor’s experience and act as a system of checks and balances that can result in a safer project.

  2. May I, as the owner, do the re-side myself?

  3. Will my siding be inspected?
    Yes, the permit holder must call for possibly a framing inspection (if there was damage to framing), a sheathing inspection, a moisture barrier (house wrap) inspection and a final siding inspection.

  4. What is house wrap?
    House wrap is a water resistive barrier installed behind an exterior wall covering that is intended to resist water that has penetrated behind the exterior covering from further intrusion into the framing wall assembly.

  5. Are there any flashing requirements?
    Yes, flashing must be installed over all exterior openings, continuously above all projecting wood trim and at all wall and roof intersections.

  6. Are there other requirements?
    Yes, the Zoning Department reviews any changes made to the exterior of the home to assure compliance of any local codes. In addition, if your neighborhood has a Homeowners Association, we advise you to contact them prior to making any changes in your exterior covering materials.


  • Hire only licensed contractors.
  • Get at least three bids.
  • Get three references and ask to see a project.
  • Get it in writing, but before you sign the contract make sure you completely understand it.
  • Do not make final payment until a Certificate of Completeness (CC) has been issued and you are satisfied.
  • Verify the contractor has applied for the required permits.

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