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Tucker is undoubtedly one of the fastest-rising business destinations in the Metro Atlanta area.  Each month, the Business Boom will seek to show different examples of how Tucker’s business scene is flourishing. This month's column is written by our Business Outreach Coordinator, Angela Brooks.

Just when you think you know Tucker, another hidden gem emerges. Such is the case with Turknett Leadership Group, or TLG. They may be unknown to many locals, but they have gained the attention of the wider business world.

Bob and Lyn Turknett.The husband-and-wife team Bob and Lyn Turknett, business partners and University of Georgia graduates, were named to the prestigious UGA Bulldog 100 list for 2022. The UGA Bulldog 100 award recognizes 100 UGA alum-run companies deemed the fastest-growing businesses as determined by their compounded annual growth rates during a three-year period.

“We had wanted this one for a long time,” said Bob. “It means so much to be recognized for your accomplishments by your peers.”

“We’ve received other awards over the years, but this one is particularly special to us because it came from our alma mater,” added Lyn.

The pair met in college and moved from Athens to metro Atlanta in 1979 to raise a family. They settled in Tucker and created the business. Over the past 35 years, Bob and Lyn Turknett have quietly built and nurtured their award-winning company.

The couple worked adjacent to one another in their respective disciplines for many years before establishing Turknett.

“I always had to dream of actually working together, putting our disciplines together and doing something as a couple together, because she’s so smart,” said Bob. “We sort of dabbled in leadership and organization development but were really interested in doing more in that area.”

In 1987, through a happenstance encounter with a consulting psychologist at an Atlanta American Psychological Association, the opportunity presented itself for them to take the business to that next level.

Despite seemingly endless computer challenges, technical snafus, and software setbacks, they eventually developed their own brand of assessment and feedback business curriculum into what is now commonly known as leadership or executive coaching.

“We still had a challenge ahead of us,” said Lyn, “As a new and untested field back in those days, it took some convincing to get potential clients to see the value of service.”

Eventually they reeled in big clients such as BellSouth (now AT&T) where they provided executive leadership coaching services throughout the 2000s until a few years ago.

They have significantly broadened the service offerings over the years, “but still the number one thing we do is coaching C-suite executives, coaching high potentials, coaching key leaders that have a blind spot to some of their behavior and how it impacts their team or co-workers,” said Lyn. “The coaching typically takes place over an eight to 12-month timeframe, and the methods used are all built around proven behavioral science.”

Tino Mantella.Bob and Lyn credit a significant amount of their award-winning accelerated growth rate to TLG’s President and CEO Tino Mantella. Mantella, their hand-picked choice for CEO, was named as a 2022 Georgia Titan 100.

“We had been watching his career for a while before we reached out to him. He had a great track record of leading and growing with some well-respected organizations like the YMCA and [Technology Association of Georgia],” said Bob.

Mantella brought strategic vision and a diverse portfolio of experience of leadership in multiple industries and in for-profit and non-profit organizations including two of the world’s largest YMCA systems, Metropolitan Chicago and Greater New York. Before joining TLG, he was head of the largest TAG, the leading technology industry association in the state, where he spearheaded the growth of its membership from 350 to 36,000.

The Titan 100 honor recognizes his body of work over his many years of experience as one of the area’s most accomplished business leaders in his industry demonstrating exceptional leadership, vision and passion.

“What makes this honor special for me is that it recognizes my career more than a specific thing that I've done at a specific job,” Mantella said. “For me, it's recognition of the people I brought together and the impact I've been able to have.”

Those who have been around Tucker for a while may remember that the TLG offices used to be in a Northlake office complex. Their main office is now located in the Crescent Centre office complex.

They all agree that they are happy being in Tucker.

“We don’t have any plans to leave. It’s nice here, we like it, and it’s convenient for everybody,” said Mantella.

The website for more information about the company is

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